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Have You Considered Keeping Backyard Chickens?

Backyard chickens not only deliver farm-fresh eggs to you and your family, they also provide an endless source of entertainment and even companionship!

Why Rent? Renting is a great way to "test the waters" to see if keeping backyard chickens is a good fit for your household. Renting also provides a great short term experience without the long term commitment of raising chicks to adulthood, and beyond. Whatever your preference may be, we have some great options for you!

Rent Backyard Hens offers one month (4-week), two month (8-week) and three month (12-week) rental packages that include everything you need to immediately begin enjoying the benefits of backyard hens... and of course those fresh organic "yard to table" eggs!

How Renting Works

Renting is easy with Rent Backyard Hens!

To get started, follow these simple steps:

1) First, confirm we deliver to your area. Currently, we are serving the following Northern California counties:

Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, and Yolo.

2) Next, Contact Us to confirm the availability of our rental packages.

*After you've contacted us through our website we will follow up with you by email and schedule a quick phone call to discuss the rental and delivery process. This is also a great time to ask any additional questions you might have about the hens!

3) Once we've confirmed availability and established your delivery date, Click Here to review and purchase your rental package.

*Purchasing your rental in advance is required to secure your reservation and delivery date.

Each rental includes one portable chicken coop on wheels (a.k.a., a chicken tractor), two adult female egg-laying hens, a poultry feeder and waterer, organic layer feed, and enough coop bedding to last the rental period, all delivered right to your home.

We'll set everything up for you and cover what you'll need to know while caring for your feathered guests. We'll also discuss safe handling practices when it comes to interacting with the hens and their eggs.

At the end of the rental period, we'll come and pick up the hens, coop, feeder and waterer at no extra charge.

All rental options include free delivery and pickup at the end of the rental period.

Customers are asked to review our Refund Policy and agree to our Terms of Service prior to renting.

About Our Coops

Our rental chicken coops are hand-built, portable, and designed with your backyard living space in mind. They are compact, well ventilated, predator resistant, safe and comfortable for the hens, easy to move, easy to clean, and comply with local regulations.

Each coop measures 38 inches wide, 38 inches tall, and 73.5 inches long.

Rent Backyard Hens mobile chicken coop for chicken rental

Before You Rent

The health and safety of our customers and their families is our top priority. Before you rent, we ask that you carefully review the CDC's recommendations for safe handling of backyard chickens and their eggs. We also ask that you review our policies and procedures regarding Avian Influenza (Bird Flu). Additional information from the CDC can be found here.

  • If you live within city limits, a sharded community, or your home is goverened by an HOA, please be sure to confirm your local regulations allow backyard chickens. Your city ordinances and regulations should be avaialble online.

  • And lastly, please take a measurement of the width of any yard gates or other thresholds the coop will have to pass through to make it into your backyard. All passageways should be at least 38.5 inches wide to allow the coop to pass.

Bringing a Little "Farm Life" to Your Backyard!

Hello, and thank you for visiting! My name is Eric, owner of Rent Backyard Hens. I've raised and kept egg-laying hens for years and I'm excited to share the experience with you! If you are interested in renting hens for your living space or have any questions at all, please reach out and I'd be happy to help you.

In the meantime, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our rental pricing guide can be found by Clicking Here

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Rent Backyard Hens provides everything you need to instantly enjoy keeping backyard chickens.
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From Our Customers

We've had "Ruth" and "Mable" for about a month. The process was very simple. Eric arranged a delivery date and he delivered the chicken coop and run into our backyard. The hens are very social. We love them! They greet us when we go out in our backyard, they actually come running up to us! They follow us around knowing that we enjoy giving them all our veggie scraps. They provide us with two eggs per day, very yummy! It has been such a wonderful experience for my family. An added bonus is that they eat my weeds! Thanks to Eric for the fun farm experience!

Glenn O. from Santa Rosa, CA

Eric gave a master class in chickens - and shared everything I needed to know. He provided everything so it was a stress free experience. When I had questions, Eric responded immediately! There's a wonderful sense of purpose and connection whether it is when I wake up in the morning or come home after work and the chickens come running to greet me. There's something quite idyllic about collecting your eggs and tending to your hens. It’s a very calming influence and meditative watching them clucking and pecking. It’s been an absolute delight renting from Eric and having the opportunity to share and experience the passion he has for the hens.

Kelly C. from San Francisco, CA

Eric - I'm writing to thank you for the two months we enjoyed in the company of your delightful hens, Scoobie and Rubie. We enjoyed caring for them, watching their antics in the yard and enjoying the bountiful supply of fresh eggs they supplied for our breakfast table. Your care and professionalism in delivering the hens, setting up their hutch and later retrieving the birds were much appreciated.

Conley and Nancy S. from Sonoma, CA

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