Rent Backyard Hens FREE June 2022 Rental Terms & Conditions

Eligible contestants must live within Sonoma County and are able to host the free rental package from June 4, 2022 to July 2, 2022. Early returns are accepted. Must be at least 18 years to enter and consent from head of household must be granted prior to award. No purchase necessary to win. Rental package includes one mobile chicken coop (tractor), two adult egg-laying hens, organic layer feed, extra bedding for the coop, and feeder and waterer. Delivery is free and pickup at the end of the rental period is also free of charge. Backyard must be fenced to keep the hens from wandering into neighbors yard. Contestants are responsible for knowing their local laws/ordinances and how they pertain to keeping backyard hens. Contestant must agree to Rent Backyard Hens Terms of Service prior to award (link below) and have a brief phone call with Eric at Rent Backyard Hens to review the the terms and conditions listed above. One contest entry per household, please.